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District 25 - Unit 145

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    The North American Pairs (NAP) is a flighted national championship contested each year at the Spring NABC.  Each district provides representatives in each flight who are (believe it or not) paid to play there.  In D25 the date and location of the qualifying tournament for Flight A (open) has finally been set. It will be held at the same time and place as the qualifier for Flight B (0-2500): Mansfield, MA, on November 10 and 11.  Flight C (0-500 Non-Life Master) will also be held there on November 10.

    To play in any flight of the NAP qualifier one must first qualify at a club game designated for that purpose. The webmaster has asked club managers to provide a list of such games. The ones that have been received are posted here. This list, which was updated on June 18.
    Congratulations to June Sectional Winners
    Sheila Gabay / Shome Mukherjee - Open Pairs, Flight A
    William Nason / James Keegan  - Open Pairs, Flight B
    Harold Nordstrom / Susan Lincoln  - Open Pairs, Flight C
    Lin Li / Michael Shore - 299er
    June Sectional Swiss Winners
    Flight A
    Kimberly Gilman / Zachary Grossack / Maxim Siline / Xiaoqian Liu
    Flight X
    Frank Blachowski / Tom Joyce / Susan Smith / Michael Smith
    Flight B, C, D
    Robert Huntington / James Anderson / Samuel Cuscovitch / Ross Huntington

    June Sectional Results


    Ocean State Regional

    Warwick, RI

    Aug 28 - Sept 2


    RIBA Sectional

    Johnston, RI 

    Sept 22 - 23 


    Harvest Regional / NAP 

    Mansfield, MA

    Nov 7 - 11


    Fall NABC

    Honolulu, HI

    Nov 22 - Dec 2 


    District 25 Calendar